Sentinels of Magic

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Sentinels of Magic
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceDay of Judgment #1 (November 1999)
Created byGeoff Johns
Matthew Dow Smith
In-story information
Member(s)See below

The Sentinels of Magic is a fictional team of supernaturally powered superheroes created by Geoff Johns and Matthew Dow Smith appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. First appearing in Day of Judgment #1 (November 1999), the group is described as a loose confederation of mystic defenders the team was formed during the "Day of Judgment" storyline when the angel Asmodel led a coup against the demon Neron, a powerful demon lord of Hell.[1] The team included DC Comics occult heroes such as Zatanna, Enchantress, Madame Xanadu, Blue Devil, Raven, and Faust.

The Sentinels of Magic appear in various media, including a new incarnation of the team making a debut in Young Justice consisting of different characters.

Publication history[edit]

The team made their first appearance in Days of Judgement #1 (November 1999) as part of the "Day of Judgement" storyline. The title brought together several of DC Comic's occult characters as allies of the Justice League-related characters. The team would later be involved in the major storyline "Black Baptism" within the JLA: Black Baptism (May–August 2001) miniseries in which centered around both members Sebastian Faust and the Enchantress, the latter serving as the main antagonist alongside other characters. Later, the Sentinels of Magic would appear again or the final time in the "Obsidian Age" storyline in the JLA title.


Character First appearance in team Notes
Deadman Day of Judgment #1 (November 1999) Founding members
Doctor Occult (Richard & Rose)
Sebastian Faust
Madame Xanadu
The Phantom Stranger
The Ragman
The Enchantress / the Soulsinger Day of Judgment #3 (November 1999) N/A
Blue Devil Day of Judgment #4 (November 1999)
Doctor Fate Day of Judgment #3 (November 1999)
Bloodwynd JLA: Black Baptism #1 (May 2001)

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